Lesson 1: History of Law


Sources of the Law Then and Now

  1. Write a short story about a trial that takes place in Babylonian times. Decide on the problem to be resolved and present the two sides of the story to the judge. Have one of your classmates read the facts and make the judgment based on the laws of Hammurabi. You could also act out the case for the class to make the decision.
  2. Research the earliest laws of either China or India and write a short report on your findings. Present your information to the class in a short speech.
  3. Create a poster proclaiming a new law in Roman times. Make sure to clearly state what the law is and what will be the result if the law is broken. Remember to use illustrations that would be appropriate to that time period.
  4. Do you think that the jury system was the best way of deciding a case? Explain why or why not in a few sentences.