Lesson 5: Legal and Equality Rights


Activity 1: Application of the Charter

This activity is designed to encourage thoughtful discussion of the balance between the expectation of privacy held by students, and guaranteed under the Charter and the right of school administrators to maintain a safe, drug and weapon free learning environment. Participation in the discussion can be graded as appropriate.

Activity 3: Legal Rights under the Charter

Answer Key: Handout 3: Legal Rights under the Charter:

  1. False 
  2. True 
  3. False 
  4. True 
  5. True

Activity 6: Coffee Talk

Collect the Handout 5: Coffee Talk for formative assessment.

Activity 7: Multicultural Day Optional

Use Handout 7: Multicultural Day Rubric to evaluate each student individually and collect Handout 8: Oh Canada! Eh? Students will give a mark out of five for each of the students. You can use their marks to form your final mark out of 25.