Lesson 1: Introduction to Civil Law



Handout 1: Introduction to Civil Law

Handout 2: What Do You Know About Civil Law?

Activity 1: Examining a Civil Case

Handout 3: Examining a Civil Contract

Activity 2: Comparing Civil Law to Criminal Law

Handout 4: Civil Law vs. Criminal Law

Handout 5: Civil or Criminal? You Decide!

Handout 6: Civil and Criminal: Review

Activity 3: Introduction to Alternatives to Civil Court

Handout 7: Alternatives to Civil Court

Handout 8: Alternatives to Civil Court Questions

Activity 4: Speaker’s Corner

Handout 9: Speaker’s Corner

Activity 5: Watch the Paisley Snail Optional

The Paisley Snail Video

Handout 10: Key Terms from the Paisley Snail

Handout 11: The Paisley Snail- Donoghue vs. Stevenson

Handout 12: Questions on the Paisley Snail

Activity 6: The Paisley Snail – Discussion Optional

Handout 13: Principles in Donoghue vs. Stevenson