Lesson 2: Administrative and Labour Law


Grade Level



2 periods

Lesson Plan (PDF)


This lesson will provide an introduction to administrative law and labour law. Administrative law refers to the application of government laws and the resolution of disputes that involve these laws. If you do not agree with a decision that a particular government agency has made that affects you, your complaint can be heard by an administrative tribunal. 

The Residential Tenancy Act of British Columbia lists the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants.  The Residential Tenancy Office is a tribunal that works to resolve issues that arise between tenants and landlords. Some tribunals make decisions about a person’s rights or benefits. The Employment Standards Tribunal is an administrative tribunal established under the Employment Standards Act. This is an important legislation under BC labour law.


By the end of this lesson, students will:

  • Define administrative law and identify the tribunals that hear cases
  • Describe the procedures and process used by administrative tribunals
  • Learn about a specific type of tribunal: The Residential Tenancy Office
  • Define labour law and explain how it applies to employment standards
  • Describe the employment standards tribunals
  • Identify and describe employers’ and employees’ rights and responsibilities
  • Identify the labour practices and standards in regard to their own jobs

Focus Questions

  1. What is administrative law?
  2. What is the function of an administrative tribunal?
  3. What types of administrative tribunals are there?
  4. What is the Residential Tenancy Act and what is the purpose of the Residential Tenancy Office?
  5. What are some of the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees under BC labour law?
  6. What should you do if your rights have been breached by your employer?

Teaching Summary

Topic 1: Explaining Administrative Law

Students are introduced to administrative law and labour law. To begin with they will watch a short video that outlines what administrative law is and how it works here in BC. Then they will play an engaging active game to see how much they learned from the video. Activities 1 and 2 cover this topic.

Topic 2: Types of Administrative Tribunals

This topic is covered in Activity 3. Another short video will introduce them to administrative tribunals after which they will have the opportunity to discover what type of tribunals exist here in BC by completing a matching activity which can be collected for completion marks.

Topic 3: Residential Tenancy Office

There is a special focus on Residential Tenancy Office, which is the administrative tribunal for Landlords and Tenants. This will be covered in Activity 3. There are eight short videos for students to watch. Afterwards, students will research some of the decisions that the Residential Tenancy Office has made.

Topics 4 & 5: Explaining Labour Law & Employee Rights and the Employment Standards Act

Students will learn about how labour law and the Employment Standards Act of British Columbia impact their life. To begin, students will receive a brief introductory teacher led lesson on labour law in Canada. Then the lesson transitions to an interactive gallery walk where students are given relevant questions about working in British Columbia and then they are asked to hunt for answers around the classroom.