Lesson 1: Police and the Law


Activity 1: Introduction to Police and the Law

Begin the lesson with a discussion by asking the students what they think police officers do. They will probably say things like arresting people or catching bad guys. Lead the discussion into other things that police officers do as outlined on Handout 1: Police and the Law, highlighting the special training that they must take before becoming a police officer. After the discussion, have students complete Handout 2: What do Police Officers do? You could also invite an police liaison officer to speak to your students. See Enrichment Activity 2.

See Answer Key for Handout 2 in the Assessment section.

Activity 2: What Happens When a Crime is Committed?

Provide students with Handout 3: What Happens When a Crime is Committed? Discuss the highlights and have them summarize the handout by making a list of the 10 most important points for them to remember.

Activity 3: Police Oversight Optional Activity for Older Students

Provide students with Handout 4: Police Oversight. Discuss the highlights and have a debate in the class on the following resolution: BE IT RESOLVED that police should be able to do their own oversight. Give them some time to prepare their positions.