Lesson 1: Police and the Law


  1. Research the qualities, qualifications and requirements that a person needs to have in order to become a member of the local police force. Report your findings in a paragraph or orally to the class.
  2. Ask the school liaison officer from your police force to come and speak about:
  • The role of the police in the community
    • Police careers and training
    • Crime prevention
    • Peer pressure and personal decision making, regarding gang recruitment and staying out of trouble in high school
    • The police officer’s most interesting experiences
    • Testifying in court
  • Prepare questions to ask the officer such as:
    • How s/he got his/her job?
    • What area or field does s/he work in?
    • When did s/he start this particular job?
    • Do women have the same responsibilities, training and opportunity for advancement as men?
    • What was his/her most difficult assignment?
    • How does s/he use his/her gun and what are the target practice requirements?
    • What was his/her most frightening experience?
    • What is the structure of police force including the hierarchy/divisions?
    • What training is required both physically and academically?
    • Are men or women more suited to police work?
  • Have students make notes to help themselves prepare a short quiz for a partner based on the information given by the police officer during the presentation. Be sure to make an answer key. Exchange the quiz with a partner and complete each other’s quizzes. This could also be done in small groups or for the whole class.
  1. Visit your local Police Station or the Police Museum at 240 East Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC (604-665-3346).
  1. Discuss why police officers are sometimes thought of in negative ways.
    • How could this attitude be changed? Look at some newspaper articles or do some research on the Internet looking for stories about police officers in Canada. Write a short paragraph about your article and put it and the article on a bulletin board for the whole class to read.