Lesson 6: Federal Courts


Activity 1: Canada’s Federal Courts

Provide students with Handout 1: Canada’s Federal Courts for reading. Student’s will use the information from this handout to answer the questions on Handout 2: Supreme Court Review and Handout 3: Supreme Court Chart.

It is expected that students will have gaps in some knowledge and that they will have to conduct research. Direct your students to the Supreme Court of Canada website http://www.scc-csc.gc.ca to access information about the function and significance of the highest court. Other resources may be used as required.

To see the answer key for Handouts 2-3, see the Assessment section.

Activity 2: Citizenship Court

Provide students with Handout 4: Citizenship Court. This will give them an overview of Canada’s Citizenship Court as well as the process of applying for citizenship. Next have students complete Handout 5: Would You Pass the Test in order to get an idea of what questions might be asked on a citizenship test.

To see the answer key for Handout 5, see the Assessment section.