Lesson 6: Federal Courts


  1. Research any of the following questions and prepare a short speech to present to the class. Use the Internet and type in the name of the court you are researching.
    • What is a Remand Court and what happens there?
    • What type of cases does the Federal Trial Court hear? Look up a recent decision of this court and do a summary of it and what happened in the case.
    • Is Citizenship Court the same as other courts? What are the differences?  How does it function and how often is it in session?
    • How does the Supreme Court of Canada decide which cases it will accept for appeal? What is the procedure for arguing an appeal?
  2. Using the Supreme Court of Canada website and other resources, research one of the Chief Justices from the court. The Chief Justice has an important role in the operation of the court and is the ‘face’ of the court to Canadians. Those who have served in this role have made significant contributions to jurisprudence in Canada and to society. Your report can focus on key judgments, legal precedents, biographical details or legal career.
  3. Research and prepare a short speech about one of the people who work in or are involved with the court levels. Suggestions may include: justice of the peace, master, judge or justice, court clerk, Crown or defence lawyers, sheriff, family justice counsellors, probation officers, police officers, trial scheduling coordinator or tape management coordinator.
  4. Take the Citizenship Test to the Streets to see how the general public responds to the questions. Keep a record of the responses and compile them in a report for your class. You may be surprised at what you find. Make sure to ask the questions of all age groups. For more information visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website at http://www.cic.gc.ca.