Lesson 9: Provincial Court of BC


Activity 1: Introduction to the Provincial Court of BC

Introduce students to the Provincial Court of BC by showing them a video. It is 11 minutes in length. Go to www.CourtsofBC.com, an online guide to BC’s court system and click on the “Provincial Court” tab. Click on “Play the Full Length Video” to watch all six segments: Introduction, Criminal Cases, Election and Burden of Proof, Family Cases, Small Claims Cases and Traffic and Bylaw Cases.

Activity 2: Testing Knowledge on the Provincial Court of BC

Provide students with Handout 1: Provincial Court of BC as well as Handout 2: Which Division of Provincial Court? Students will use the information in Handout 1 to answer the questions in Handout 2.

To see the answer key for Handout 2, see the Assessment section.

Activity 3: Court Processes for Small Claims

Divide students into groups of five to participate in a Jigsaw. This will be the students’ home group. In their home group, each student chooses one of the court processes – Summary Trial, Simplified Trials, Mediation, Trial Conference, or Trial.

Have students move into their expert groups and give students Handout 3: Small Claims Processes. Have students go to www.SmallClaimsBC.ca/court-processes, an online help guide for Small Claims processes. Each of these expert groups will watch the video and read the information on the type of court process they have chosen. They will fill in the section on Handout 3: Small Claims Processes for their particular process.

Have students return to their home group. Each expert will teach their home group what they learned in their expert groups about their court. Each individual student will complete the chart on Handout 3 with the help of each expert.

You may want to go over the charts at the end of the activity, to ensure that students have all the correct information.

To see the answer key for Handout 3, see the Assessment section.