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New Curriculum Resources

A group of BC teachers, using the Justice Education Society's resources and their own creative imaginations have designed some spectacular Social Studies units for grades 5-7 that provide cross-curricular links and fit the new curriculum.

New Curriculum Resources Grades 5-7 Social Studies

New resources are now being piloted with great results.

Grade 5

  • Lesson 1: Our Canadian Legal System
  • Lesson 2: Introduction to Rules, Customs, and Laws
  • Lesson 3: Origin of Laws in England and First Nations Communities
  • Lesson 4: Purpose of Rules and Laws
  • Lesson 5: Laws in your Community
  • Lesson 6: Responsibility Circles and Jurisdictions
  • Lesson 7: Levels of Government in Canada
  • Lesson 8: How Laws Are Made
  • Lesson 9: Why Laws Change
  • Lesson 10: Multiculturalism and Diversity in Canada
  • Lesson 11: Past Canadian Discriminatory Policies
  • Lesson 12: The Evolution of Canadian Discriminatory Policies
  • Optional Unit Wrap Up: Mock Trial and Court Visit Preparation

Grade 6

  • Lesson 1: Is the World a Fair and Just Place to Live?
  • Lesson 2: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Lesson 3: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Lesson 4: Deciding what is Fair and Just
  • Lesson 5: Evaluating Canada’s Government
  • Lesson 6: Systems of Government around the World
  • Lesson 7: UN Global Goals
  • Lesson 8: International Cooperation to Achieve Global Goals
  • Lesson 9: Current Events in the Canadian Judicial System
  • Lesson 10: Is the Canadian Judicial System Just and Fair?
  • Lesson 11: Analyzing Government and Judicial Systems
  • Optional Unit Wrap Up: Mock Trial and Court Visit Preparation

Grade 7

  • Lesson 1: What do we know about the theme of Justice?
  • Lesson 2: Types of Conflict
  • Lesson 3: Resolving Conflict
  • Lesson 4: Civil and Criminal Law Vocabulary
  • Lesson 5: Comparing Civil and Criminal Law
  • Lesson 6: Civil Law
  • Lesson 7: Applying Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Lesson 8: Criminal Law
  • Lesson 9: Aboriginal Rights
  • Lesson 10: Aboriginal Rights Court Cases
  • Lesson 11: Rules, Laws, and Justice in Ancient Civilizations
  • Lesson 12: A Comparison of Justice in Mesopotamia and Canada
  • Lesson 13: Presenting Findings: Justice in Mesopotamia and Canada
  • Lesson 14: The Evolution of Justice from Ancient Times to Modern Canada
  • Optional Unit Wrap Up: Mock Trial and Court Visit Preparation

The lessons address the big ideas and curricular competencies for each grade level. The units foster the development of legally capable youth, with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to effectively identify and manage their everyday legal needs and be active citizens.