Choices and Consequences

Students aged 11-14 who are facing school suspensions for making poor choices can benefit from our Choices and Consequences program. The program concentrates on the factors that build resiliency in youth so that the students can develop skills in social competence and successfully overcome the effects of a high-risk environment.

The program accommodates groups of six-to-eight students; the groups can be co-ed or same-sex. The program is designed to take four days and is not designed for students with severe behavioural or learning issues.

Choices and Consequences focuses on the factors that promote resiliency:

  1. Bonding: strengthening a feeling of “being connected” to positive, pro-social peers and adults (one of the most important protective factors in the development of healthy behaviours)
  2. Opportunity for Meaningful Participation: ensuring the constant presence of interactive approaches to learning
  3. Norms for Healthy Behaviour: practicing clear rules of conduct, while being encouraged to model desired behaviour
  4. High Expectations for Behaviour: tutoring in and encouragement of high and promising expectations for themselves

The outcomes we anticipate that students could demonstrate after completion of the program are:

  1. A greater understanding of legal processes
  2. Fewer discipline problems in school
  3. Improved attitudes towards self and others
  4. Greater empathy for victims
  5. An increased ability to consider the consequences of choices and to suggest alternative solutions to problems

Click here to view an evaluation report on the success of the Choices and Consequences program. (PDF)