Legal Quest

Legal Quest is a comprehensive legal curriculum that provides an accessible introduction to various areas of law. The material provides high school teachers with the background information necessary to teach the basics and it provides students with activities that willexpose them to the concepts and principles that underlie our legal system.

The program includes a game, charts, worksheets, scenarios and mock trials. Topics include The Law and You, Structure of the Legal System and Being in Court.


Legal Quest can be integrated into CAPP, English and Social Studies classes. Students will:

  • Gain an understanding of the individual, communal and global nature of governments and laws
  • Begin to appreciate the evolutionary nature of laws and to understand the impact laws have on individuals in society
  • Become more proficient at identifying and understanding problems and at generating possible solutions to those problems
  • Begin to understand more about the structure and operation of our justice system
  • Focus on those laws that affect their daily lives

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