Wall Charts: BC's Justice System

This series of 10 large, best-selling wall charts present easy-to-follow illustrations of the structure and procedures of various areas of BC’s justice system.

Series A (English or French)

Series A is the basic introductory series and is intended for use with elementary and ESL students, although the information and legal concepts are relevant to teenagers and adults as well.

  • Law in the Community (only available in English)
  • Criminal Law and Civil Law (only available in French)
  • Courts of British Columbia (only available in French)
  • Supreme Court Criminal Court (Available both in English and French)

Series B (English)

Series B is the advanced series and is intended for use with high school law students, justice system personnel, criminology and law students as well as other members of the general public.

  • A Criminal Courtroom (only available in English)
  • Youth Criminal Justice Act: The Legal Process (Available both in English and French)

Guide to the Wall Charts

This guide expands upon each wall chart and provides suggested activities to assist in the learning process. It is free when you purchase a complete series or $10 if purchased separately.

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