Your Human Rights in BC

This series of five videos teaches immigrants about human rights in BC and Canada. Discrimination occurs when someone treats you differently based on your personal characteristics. In the videos, workshop participants get answers to their questions about discrimination and learn more about their human rights.

Part 1: Human Rights in Canada: An overview for newcomers

Learn about your basic human rights in Canada. Topics include your rights and freedoms, discrimination, and laws that protect you.

Part 2: Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination often happens at work. This video tells you about how your rights are protected when you are working, as well as an employer’s responsibilities.

Part 3: Discrimination and Renting

If you rent an apartment or house, do you know how and why your landlord cannot discriminate against you? This video explains how you are protected when you are looking for a place to rent, and when you are renting.

Part 4: Pregnant? You Have Rights

Pregnant women are often victims of discrimination. This video tells you how women’s rights are protected if they are pregnant, were pregnant, or might get pregnant.

Part 5: Making a Human Rights Complaint

Learn how to make a complaint by watching this video. Topics include how to get help in-person, the compliant process, and how to prepare yourself.