Youth and Criminal Law

Youth and Criminal Law features a collection of videos that teach young people about their legal rights and responsibilities in Canada. The videos introduce “K9”, a typical kid who describes a range of typical youth scenarios where legal issues arise. Originally called, “Legal Rights 4 U”, scenarios include topics like: Your Rights in a Car, Don’t Look in My Locker, and The Party.

Young people can learn more about their legal rights at:

Watch the Videos:

Scenario 1 - Street Freedoms

Scenario 2 -Your Mom Warned You

Scenario 3 - Your Rights In A Car

Scenario 4 - Mimi's In Custody

Scenario 5 - Tagging

Scenario 6 - Don't Look In My Locker!

Scenario 7 - Lily On Trial

Scenario 8 - The Party

Scenario 9 - At The Border