Teachers and Students


Lesson Plans

A series of lesson plans for BC teachers provide legal education resources for classes from grade level 5 to 12. The lessons are organized by topic area. Each one provides information, activities, resources and assessment tools, to cover the topic in 1-4 class periods. The first page of each lesson plan provides a Snapshot, which gives teachers an overview of the lesson. Suitable grade levels have been indicated for each lesson, but teachers can repurpose much of the content to suit their own class needs.

Court Visits

The Justice System Education Program has introduced more than one million students to BC courts. Teachers can book a visit to the court which may include an orientation, watching trials, and/or having a judge or lawyer session. This experiential learning program provides an overview of the justice system, how it works, and who is involved. Use the Court Visit Online booking system to request a date for your class to go court watching.

Teacher Training

Throughout the school year, the Justice Education Society offers workshops to teachers for professional development. Some are free and others have a small fee. This section provides information about workshops that are available. In addition, there is an online course available on the Youth Criminal Justice Act at YCJA.ca. Teachers can register, review the material and complete an exam to be eligible to receive a professional development certificate.

Teaching Resources

This is a collection of legal education resources that provide additional information on the topics covered by Lesson Plans and Teaching Units. Resources include publications, videos, and websites. Both teachers and students will find information on a variety of topics. For a complete list of public legal education and information resources by the Justice Education Society visit www.JusticeEducation.ca.