First Nations Journeys of Justice

With the vision of building bridges between the First Nations and Canadian systems of law, First Nations Journeys of Justice honours oral history and teaches concepts and practices of justice from the perspective of First Nations ways of knowing. The program contains modules for grades 1-7. Each grade contains three separate units, which should be done in order, as concepts and stories previously introduced are often reviewed in later units.

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Grade 1
The unit contains two stories that help students develop a sense of respect of self and others. Following the stories, the unit focuses on a common theme of trust. An extension activity concludes the unit.

Grade 2
This unit focuses on the world of rules within the home, school and community. Students will review classroom rules and be introduced to contrasts, both oral and written. The concept of equality rights under the law is also introduced in relation to fairness.

Grade 3
In this unit, students focus on the rules that must be followed in order to achieve certain goals in life. The other main focus of the unit is on rites of passage. Concepts of environmental laws are also introduced.

Grade 4
In this unit, emphasis is placed upon the values of respect, responsibility and seeing other people’s points of view. The inevitability of conflict, and various ground rules and mechanisms for resolving it, is also explored.

Grade 5
The activities in this unit will have students investigate the origins of their own communities. Students perform a scripted role play of a story that will prepare them for mock trials in the Grade 6 module.

Grade 6
This unit gives a basic overview of how the court system operates in BC. This is done through the presentation of scenarios that may lead to someone having to go to court. The students will also gain knowledge of the differences between criminal and civil law, learn about different people who are involved in the court process and understand the different levels of court in BC.

Grade 7
In these lessons, students explore the basis of Aboriginal rights and use this information for two mock trials that are related to the issues of hunting and fishing as Aboriginal rights. Courtwatching is also recommended.