Parents Are Forever

Parents Are Forever is a 22-minute video that helps high school students better understand the Child Support Guidelines: what they are, why they exist, how they apply and what are the consequences for parents who do not meet their responsibilities. The program is available in English and French and includes a teacher’s guide.

In particular, the video will assist students to understand the following:

  • It is the responsibility of all parents to support their children
  • It is the right of all children to be supported by their parents
  • Parents who do not meet their child support obligations face legal consequences
  • Youth who become parents have legal obligations to their children

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The program is suitable for curriculum in grades 9-12 and is suitable for the following courses:

  • Humanities
  • Guidance
  • Citizenship
  • Family Studies
  • Law
  • CAPP
  • Family Rights and Responsibilities
  • Media Studies
  • Independent Studies

By the end of the video, students should be able to describe in basic terms:

  • What our society expects of parents in terms of supporting their children (including who is a parent/who has this responsibility and how this responsibility continues if the relationship between parents ends)
  • How society ensures parents can meet their responsibilities with respect to children
  • How child support is one of the core legal issues about parenting
  • How child support fits within the larger framework of ongoing parenting obligations after separation and divorce
  • What the Child Support Guidelines are, when they are applied and how they are enforced
  • What the personal consequences of the Child Support Guidelines are for parents and children

Parents Are Forever was made by young people (most of whom were fresh out of high school). The crew was hired and trained to handle all technical aspects of video production including lighting, camera, sound, directing, graphic design, special effects and post-production. The crew invited other youth to become involved as actors and musicians.